I have a new essay up on Salon. It’s about my breakup with Ellie (Just when you thought I couldn’t possibly write anymore on the topic!), but mostly it’s about love and transition and the ways that love gets shifted around as we grow and change. I was talking with […]

The Minimalist Guide to Moving On

I missed Sugar/Cheryl Strayed‘s coming out party, due to a misfortune of geography, but thanks to Facebook, I feel like I was there. Plus, Wendy MacNaughton illustrated the evening. And my dear friends Pocket Full of Rye performed (Tucson represent!). Sugar answered my letter a few months back, and I made […]

On knowing better

In May of 2008, I wrote in my journal that my goal for the year was to go to India with Ellie. It took me a few extra years, but here I am in Mysore. The circumstances, of course, turned out to be wildly different, but that’s India too. Have […]

Boy, Am Mysore

I pulled a muscle in my ribs/back from laughing too hard. This was almost three weeks ago. Then, my mom had the brilliant idea that I should ask one of my undoubtedly many druggie friends for a muscle relaxer. The first person I asked had some, of course. So I […]

Never laughing again

We had met before, of course, but we didn’t really know each other until she fell off a three-story building. This was in London, the first time I was away from my parents, my obligations. That she survived at all is a testament to her stubbornness. She was wasted; we […]

London Bridge Is