and i thought this was bad enough. i was wrong. wouldn’t the american people rather wipe their tushes with dubya? “wipe your memories of bush away with ‘wipe your bush’ commemorative toilet paper!” i mean this seems kind of insulting, right? or is this yet another reminder that hope floats?

yes we CAN!

My friend is dating this guy that has a “free” subscription to FHM (For Him Magazine) which is so much more than a clever acronym. A wannabe Maxim, FHM hosts a panoply of “universal truths that define guys as guys” such as “My Best Friend,” which showcases Jessica and Kara, […]

20 Hot Dates

How is it that AC Slater, aka Mario Lopez, the host of Pet Star on Animal Planet, soap actor on the Bold and the Beautiful, and made-for-tv-movie star on Husband for Hire was selected as People’s Hottest Bachelor? Sure, he has abs. But he’s also played a space captain that […]

Is the apocalypse near?

Budweiser PR guy: wait, i’ve got it. let’s combine the brine from mollusks and the signature watered-down goat urine taste of our light beer. people will freak! literally.

can someone explain this to me?

I am such a lesbian. The warning signs were everywhere. First, the vegetarianism. Then, sleeping with all my friends. Then, before I knew what hit me – drum circles and naked mud dancing. The full-fledged lesbian canoodling came so effortlessly, I didn’t even notice it was happening. When did I […]

It’s official