The only art that interests me is the kind borne out of longing. ________ Are you getting tired of these serious haiku yet? Should I go back to boobs? Related: Haiku for Adulthood #27-#32 Haikus for Adulthood #11-18 Haiku for Adulthood #26 Don’t make me do long division

Haiku for Adulthood #33

How come whenever I lose weight, my boobs are the first things to vanish? ________ Related: Phantom Boob-Honking World destroyed by boobs? “Exercise” your way to bigger boobs Tits for Troops (Wow, I really write about boobs a lot)

Haiku for Adulthood #23

G-chat of the week Jami: how’s the new job thing? me:  eh fine it doesn’t really pay..anything but it’s a good org i get to write about boobs still 🙂 Jami:  if you get to write about boobs, then you shouldn’t be expecting monetary gain… writing about boobs is enough. […]

Phantom Boob-Honking

Today is Boobquake day, folks. What is that? Well you’ll just have to mosey on over to Mother Jones to find out. As if you needed another incentive besides “boobs” being in the title. Excerpt: Boobquake has taken the Internet by storm (pun unintended), flooding (sorry!) Twitter with pictures of […]

World destroyed by boobs?

I’ve been wanting to write about The Bachelor for a while now, excuse me, The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love! You know, the reality TV show where one man tries to find his future wife from a batch of 25 commercially screened supermodels. Writing about The Bachelor, however, would […]

I’m not here to make friends

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and I know this because of the dozens of marketing emails I’ve gotten recently, with long subject headings and lots of punctuation, such as, “Lesbian Authors’ Reveal Sex Secrets to Married Men in New Book Available Today!” and “Exquisite Mouthwatering Food is The Key to […]

"you are SO getting some tonight."