I couldn’t sleep last night, so I figured the next best thing would be to write limericks about the frustrations of being bisexual, obviously. These may or may not be probably actually true stories. Maybe. I have a peculiar curse. And each year it seems to get worse. See, the […]

A Bisexual’s Lament

“You mean you don’t clench your vagina?” This is my girlfriend, schooling me in the ways of faking orgasms, a subject I thought I was well-versed in. I am, after all, one of the 48-72% of women who have faked it at some point in their lives. I’ve seen the […]

Do Lesbians Fake It?

Part of the important work of Queer and Women’s Studies departments is unearthing and reclaiming the queer content, characters and themes of works of art and artists from the boring, un-fabulous relics of straightness. Some of these artists/works have included Virginia Woolf, Oscar Wilde, Julius Caesar, Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction, King […]

Shakespeare, what have you wrought?

Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all! Today is when we celebrate our devotion to partially hydrogenated corn syrup and our hopefully still functioning livers. And love! Regardless of whether you’re single or coupled or triaded (?) or bumping uglies with a fence post, I wish you all a glorious VD, with the […]

Love or referrals appreciated

I was watching Season 2 of True Blood recently and was enjoying the ever-shirtless Ryan Kwanten (Jason Stackhouse on the show). He’s become something of a militant Christian this season, attending a bible boot camp against vampires. When he said, “There’s a war going on out there and you’re either […]

How George Bush continues to haunt my dreams

The Frisky has a pretty good list of 11 Girl on Girl Misconceptions, including the oft-aggravating “it’s just a phase” line and the fact that no one quite knows how scissoring got picked up as a lezzie sex move in porn. Though I could’ve done without all the “Puhleases!”and “Roars!” […]

Misconceptions About Lesbians