I’ve given a lot of advice in my writing life — from anal sex pregnancy rates to how not to be a douche on Twitter — but I’ve written very little about writing itself. I’ve started freelancing again recently, and that change has also prompted requests and interesting discussions about […]

Freelancing Tips for Lazy People

I was on the KFOG Morning Show yesterday, and like all things that require me to think on my feet, I’m not very satisfied with my answers. I mean, it was totally fun and fine, but now I find myself running over the questions I was asked and revising them […]

The Evolution of Mourning

Seal, he of Batman song and Heidi Klum baby daddy fame, never includes lyrics to his songs in the liner notes. (Sidenote: liner notes! How quaint. Who buys CDs anymore?) ┬áHe wants listeners to always wonder and speculate. I thought for a long time that was lazy, and frankly, a […]

Hear, hear?

Joys of being single edition aka I get by with a little help from my friends. Subject: “Wanna fuck?” Followed by a “JK!” Your meaning eludes me. _________ “Y’know she’s married, right?” “Would I be attracted to her if she wasn’t?” _________ For Jami You and I go together like […]

Haiku for Adulthood #47-#51

Last week, I wrote these limericks about being a frustrated bisexual, one of which included a story from my past where I behaved like a douche canoe. And I WAS FORGIVEN. In the comments. Check that shit out. Limericks bring people together! In my lesbian column, I compared friendship to […]

Reconciling friendships, one limerick at a time!