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Hi friends, crushes, exes, and exes’ exes!

If you want to share The Lesbian Sex Haiku Book (with Cats!) but are unsure how to do it or what to say, below are a few favorite haikus that I’ve turned into easily shareable images for Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

For Facebook and Pinterest, simply hover over the image and click on the corresponding icon and it will take you directly to FB/Pinterest, where you can write whatever text you desire. If you’re not sure what to say, here are a few examples:


The Lesbian Sex Haiku Book (with Cats) is purrfect. Get your copy here:

Lesbian sex explained in the most straightforward medium available to mankind, haiku + cats:

“We are completely disinterested in this book.”—Cats

This book is CAThartic. I highly recommend:

I freaking love this book:

Imagine if cats had vibrators:

Or, feel free to share a haiku you like! They are perfect for our twitterfied short-attention spans, after all.


To share the following haiku images on Twitter, simply click on the “Tweet This!” link below each image (If you’re not logged into Twitter, it will take you to a login page first and then you’ll see text programmed in there for you already that includes the photo.

Tweets that include images get retweeted far more than ones that don’t, which is why I read 15 tutorials to learn how the hell to make it do. (If you’re curious, the how-to-embed-an-image-in-a-tweet tutorial is here.)

Sex in your 30s

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lesbian foreplay

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Other favorites? Let me know which ones you <3 in the comments and I’ll pretty them up for sharing as well. Assuming I don’t explode first with the stress of launching a book. #goals

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