Sex and the Second City

The Chicago History Museum invited me to be a panelist in their sex series on April 22nd from 7-8:30pm (only $10, come one, come all!)

The topics of the panelists they said are pretty loose (ed note: heh) meaning I could talk about whatever I wanted to pretty much, as long as there’s a somewhat Chicago-focused element. Here are some thoughts:

History of sex toys – from the Bible to today, with shout outs to local faves like Early 2 Bed.

How dating has changed in recent years – the surge of online dating and social networking sites like facebook, twitter, etc. Interspersed would be stories about terrible dates I’ve been on, except maybe not the Christian masturbation one…

The Journey to Online journalism – for sex writing (admittedly I know a lot less about “journalism” but the topic seems interesting, especially in these recession times.)

Eh? Eh?

*Addendum: the real draw of doing this is to potentially see Max Hollywood, former Chicago King, whom I think might work there and whom I can no longer find pictures of on the internet. Sob. Why is Marky Mark showing up in my internet searches?

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