best lesbian books where no one dies
I joked about this in The Lesbian Sex Haiku Book (with Cats!) — and in The Toast post that prefaced the book — but A LOT of books, movies, and TV shows featuring queer characters die! There’s even a hashtag: #BuryYourGays. (For more on this not-very-subtle phenomenon, read this.) That said, there are SO MANY terrific […]

The 10 best lesbian books where no one dies!

frida kahlo cat 3
Today is the one-year anniversary of The Lesbian Sex Haiku Book (with Cats!). To celebrate, Kelsey and I are giving away a free copy of the book AND this amazing Frida Kahlo cat print—which Kelsey is releasing on Etsy today. Two lucky people will win a print or the book […]

Lesbians! Sex! Cats! A Giveaway!

free asl resources american sign language 2
Do you want to learn American sign language? Ai-Media put together a short video with free resources to help you learn ASL (and one TV show. Because Marlee Matlin is in it? I watched The L Word about 50 times and didn’t pick up any ASL … BUT I DIGRESS). […]

Some cool, free resources for learning sign language

I have a confession. I’m kind of in denial about my hearing loss. It’s not that I think I’m NOT hard of hearing — I definitely am! I wear hearing aids. I say “What?” about 300 times a day, or on particularly harried days, “Wha?” It’s not that I think I don’t […]

Hilarious and terrible advice for people with hearing loss

Helen Keller is one of the most extraordinary people who ever lived. Despite being blind and deaf, she became a famous author, activist, and humanitarian, relentlessly devoted to helping others and speaking out for the disenfranchised. She was also the fist blind/deaf person to graduate from college. And she’s achingly […]

33 inspiring life lessons from Helen Keller

Not too long ago, a woman named Joanne decided her most sincere wish was to be a writer. But each time she started to write her first book, it seemed like forces were conspiring against her. First her mother died when she was 25. Then she found herself in an abusive marriage. […]

10 ways to hate yourself a little less