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Getting laid off (twice) was the best thing that happened ...

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Antonin Scalia “Naked impotence… pretentious liberty…ask the nearest hippie!”   Republican presidential candidates This isn’t over! I won’t stop until NOBODY has ANY rights.   Canadians Welcome, finally, to the 21st-century, America!   Those who compare everything to Hitler Lesbians are vegetarians. SO WAS HITLER. Coincidence?   Caterers across the […]

All reactions to the SCOTUS ruling on same-sex marriage in ...

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A new newsletter is here! Apparently I can only do these like twice a year, but hopefully that will change as The Lesbian Sex Haiku Book (with Cats!) turns more and more into a REAL THING (out January 2016!!!). Subscribe to newsletter here! And here’s the one from today. And soon, […]

All that she wants

Illustration: Kelsey Beyer
The latest installment of my and Kelsey’s lesbian sex haiku series on The Toast. This one = a summary of all lesbian movies ever made. And, and. I just turned in my manuscript for The Lesbian Sex Haiku Book (with Cats!). I don’t feel relieved at all! But January 2016. […]

Meet Gina Purrshon

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Illustration by Kelsey Beyer Very exciting news afoot. Until it’s finalized, however, here’s a teaser haiku: How to Pick Up a DIY Lesbian My life is so much better since I started rolling my own tampons.  


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Hi, four of you who are still reading this blog! I’ve been remiss. Or rather, I’ve been busy writing to sustain my Nutella habit and haven’t had time to write for “funsies,” unless you count my journal, which is honestly just a list of food I’ve consumed because I’m dealing […]


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I wrote you another letter. I am trying to do this more. But I think it’s mostly going to people’s spam folders. Hopefully not. Here’s an excerpt to convince you to subscribe: I filled in for Alexis Coe’s column, Read Local, this month. The vagina compliment comes from a girl I […]

Mi pobre corazon

yoga clicks funny meme
I did a fun graphic design project for Yoga Clicks a little while ago, of which this is one example (slightly changed from my original, to include their logo and such). The aim was to come up with funny yoga slogans and turn the best ones into graphics for maximum […]

I’m Not Napping

I was on Dan Savage’s podcast this week, the Savage Lovecast, talking about whether bisexuals need a new label, per the Alternet/Salon piece I wrote about the subject. My favorite part is when he says to read my advice columns if you want to cheat on his. Monogamish advice sharing, […]

Do Bisexuals Need a New Label?

Our second date was on your birthday, and it wasn’t really a date, but you got off work early and came to visit me in the wharf. I wanted to impress you, but not too much, and settled on Reese’s peanut butter cups and a limerick. We climbed halfway up […]

Love Letters to San Francisco: Coit Tower

Remember how close we sat in Piedmont Park under the magnolia trees? We told ghost stories while the strap of your red bra fell from your shoulder, and I wanted nothing more than to touch you then, to hook my finger under the strap and return it to its proper […]

Love Letters to San Francisco: Southern Detour

Some things we have only as long as they remain lost, some things are not lost only so long as they are distant. — Rebecca Solnit, A Field Guide to Getting Lost “Come home with me,” I said. “And tomorrow we’ll drink Mexican coffee and eat huaraches topped with squash […]

Love Letters to San Francisco: Bernal Heights