I thought she was beautiful because she saw the world in close-up. We watched the sun set in the Outer Sunset and even though it was scarf weather, we ordered frozen hot chocolate and sat in the damp sand and played with the bleached crab carcasses. She didn’t marvel in […]

Love Letters to San Francisco: The Sunset

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When I searched for “inspirational quote” this week on Twitter, the above 2 Chainz graphic came up. I’m always looking for inspirational quotes, even though many of them are terribly cheesy and/or don’t make sense. But sometimes things like funny 2 Chainz lyrics come come up, and things like this from […]

Inspiration in the Least Likely Places

So glad to see my efforts to mainstream frozen vaginas are finally being recognized! Actually, I have no idea how googling “cold cunt” would lead someone to this blog. Maybe it was something about Robert Pattinson. In other news, here’s what you’ve missed if you’ve been trapped in a time […]

How Did You Get this Number?

It’s been a while since I’ve told an embarrassing sex story in front of dozens of strangers, but that time is upon us once again. Come to Bawdy Storytelling’s event on Thursday, May 16: BawdySlam at Balancoire (2565 Mission St, S.F.). The theme is “Never Saw Them Again” so I’m […]

The Wrong Way to Make a Girl Orgasm

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I have a new essay up on Salon. It’s about my breakup with Ellie (Just when you thought I couldn’t possibly write anymore on the topic!), but mostly it’s about love and transition and the ways that love gets shifted around as we grow and change. I was talking with […]

The Minimalist Guide to Moving On

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I’ve given a lot of advice in my writing life — from anal sex pregnancy rates to how not to be a douche on Twitter — but I’ve written very little about writing itself. I’ve started freelancing again recently, and that change has also prompted requests and interesting discussions about […]

Freelancing Tips for Lazy People

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So, I know it’s been 80,000 years since I’ve written here. But I have a really good excuse. I was making you mugs. Hand-crafted, one pixel at a time, on the Internet. You’ll recognize the words from Haiku for Adulthood #110. But this is even better because you can enjoy […]

Put a smile on someone’s mug…with a mug!