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Hi, four of you who are still reading this blog! I’ve been remiss. Or rather, I’ve been busy writing to sustain my Nutella habit and haven’t had time to write for “funsies,” unless you count my journal, which is honestly just a list of food I’ve consumed because I’m dealing with a terrible eczema outbreak, which you didn’t really needRead the Rest…

Mi pobre corazon

Screen Shot 2014-02-01 at 2.32.38 PM

I wrote you another letter. I am trying to do this more. But I think it’s mostly going to people’s spam folders. Hopefully not. Here’s an excerpt to convince you to subscribe: I filled in for Alexis Coe’s column, Read Local,┬áthis month. The vagina compliment comes from a girl I flew across the country to have a first date with.Read the Rest…

I’m Not Napping

yoga clicks funny meme

I did a fun graphic design project for Yoga Clicks a little while ago, of which this is one example (slightly changed from my original, to include their logo and such). The aim was to come up with funny yoga slogans and turn the best ones into graphics for maximum content sharing and LULz-ing. A few of the other yogaRead the Rest…

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