Lost: A Twitter conundrum

About a month ago, my friend Alicia Eler organized a Twitter conversation about lesbian movies for a website called Bad at Sports. Several other bloggers and I tweeted using the hashtag #lezflix for over an hour, but, when Alicia tried to retrieve them a few weeks later, the tweets had all disappeared. This caused her to change the topic of her article to how to recover and search for lost tweets.

One of the few tweets that was recovered was from a Japanese website, Twimpact, which

“…picked up and translated @annapulley’s tweet about the lesbian sex scene in the film Better Than Chocolate.”

Why am I not surprised that a description of lesbian sex was one of the few that hadn’t flitted off into the ether? Also, I’m NOT a user of Twimpact, yet it certainly looks like I am a member. It makes me wonder, what other websites are my tweets showing up on? Is there any way to track that? The public/private spheres of social media seem to cave in a little more each day. Which is kind of terrifying. Though it does secretly amuse me to think that maybe two queer Japanese girls are emulating the sex scene from Better than Chocolate thanks to my, I’m sure, incredibly poignant description.

Watch a glimpse of the scene in question below, around the minute mark.

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