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9 thoughts on “I don’t know why I’m single

  • Alex

    I’m going to go ahead and make a prediction: rather than just take your comment as the “fuck you” that it was, he wrote back to remark on how refreshing your biting sense of humor is!

    As a side note, the only way I got my job was by knowing someone who totally blows.

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  • anna Post author

    there’s not a big enough thumb in the world to express how much i like your comments, krankiboy.

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  • Squirrel

    See now, just about everyone I’ve talked to, online and off has asked that question at some point. I see it as small talk. It’s boring and predictable, but I hardly think I’m too good for people who make it :p. It’d only be a conversation terminator if the conversation was already going downhill (which…maybe it was, but we didn’t see that part). Plus, it’s a little unreasonable to expect every last email to be right on target. So anyway I was curious, how did you get your job?

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