Help me describe my haiku book in haiku? 3


While floating around ideas for the back cover of The Lesbian Sex Haiku Book (with Cats!), my editor challenged me to write a haiku description of the book. So obviously that’s what I’m doing instead of, like, trying to make money to survive. I can do that tomorrow. How often am I be able to write meta haiku about lesbians, aside from the entire book I already wrote? NEVER.

Here are some contenders. I welcome nay RELISH nay BEHOOVE you to play along. Some of my best haikus were crowd-sourced from Facebook and Twitter and you people are damn creative (and quite pretty if I may say), so if you have any ideas/fodder, lemme have it in the comments. Also which do you like best?

This demystifies

lesbian sex in the most

straightforward language.


Prepare to laugh and

cry at the same time. If you’re

lez, mostly crying.


“Attention, women!”

*mob picks up pitchforks* Sorry,

womyn? Wo’moon? *Runs*


Some say poetry’s

dead and lesbians aren’t

funny. Go away, mom!*


This book was made from

cruelty-free, organic

paper, menstrual blood.


*my mother is lovely and amazing and supportive. This haiku mom I picture more like the Mommy Dearest mom.

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