Haiku for Adulthood #101 and AA for spurned lovers 2

Written in a journal, in Tucson International Airport, New Year’s Day, 2007.

Emotion is from

the Latin word, emovere,

meaning “to disturb.”


Apparently I did write haiku before this little series got started. Almost four years ago, in fact. For therapy. Also, from that same journal, just for fun, here’s a snippet about K, the first girl I ever fell madly in love with, and my reaction to meeting her husband for the first time.

K came down from Phoenix and we went bowling while wearing tacky sweaters since we couldn’t have a “proper” tacky Christmas sweater party. I didn’t have socks so Golden Pin Lanes gave me a free pair, with little pins and a winking ball on them and everything. Afterward, we took personality tests from a Kokology book (apparently my sex drive is operating at 200%) and then we went to an AA meeting on Roller Coaster Road. I didn’t get much out of it; I never have, and I can say that because I’ve been going to AA meetings since I was twelve, [which is, for the record, LONG before I ever started drinking. I’d go with my mom and step-dad, drink their shitty coffee and get a new chip each time. I was so proud of myself. “Twelve-years-and-one-month chip, please.”]

K met her hubby at an AA meeting; they both fell off of buildings while wasted. After AA, I went immediately to a bar.


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2 thoughts on “Haiku for Adulthood #101 and AA for spurned lovers

  • Theresa

    Interesting! I always enjoy reading your work.
    When did you start getting into foreign languages??? Our language is based on Latin and many other languages too like Spanish, French, Italian…

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  • anna Post author

    I’ve always been interested in other languages, but I utterly suck at retaining them. However, I’ve been recently inspired to kick up some language dust again. Porque no?

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