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15 Most Unbelievably Absurd Sex Tips | AlterNet

Ever wondered about incorporating donuts into your sex life? Magazines like Cosmopolitan and Men’s Health have got you covered!

Why It’s Tough to Be Bisexual | AlterNet

Many people who are attracted to both sexes stay away from the label bisexual. Why?

10 Things Not to Say to a Lesbian | AlterNet

Queer women are tired of answering stupid questions.

I used to date the bride | Salon

People think I’m crazy for being in Ellie’s wedding party. Four years ago, I thought she was going to marry me.

San Francisco Turned Me Straight | Salon

I was a hardcore lesbian when I came to the famously freaky city. So how did I start sleeping with men?

9 Stupid Myths About Bisexuals That Will Make You Laugh | AlterNet

Shedding some light on a sexual identity that is often shrugged off and misunderstood as a “phase,” a “gateway,” “homosexuality lite” or “college.”

Suppose I Kept on Singing Love Songs Just to Break My Own Fall | The Rumpus

And every time I think I know what love is, it changes. I used to be frightened by that, but not anymore. “Everything changes,” my dad once told me, in an effort to get me to come out of my room after my teenage heart was broken for the first time. “But everything stays the same too.”

My Topless Video Chat with Amanda Palmer | Mother Jones

Do you really need a description with that title?

Is Auto-Tune Killing Pop Music | Mother Jones

Speaking out against the robotic-voice takeover.