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"Exercise" your way to bigger boobs

The exercise-by-hand-job trend lives! This time the hilarity comes from Easy Curves, where a woman in a white lab coat tells us how “university research” has proven that you CAN get huge boobs if you’d only stroke this light saber for five minutes a day!

The weirdest part of this video, if such a thing can be differentiated, is how their boobs look like animatronic puppets moving on their own free will, as if any moment they might decide to shoot up into your neck or something like those traumatizing, head-removing things in Labyrinth.



When did Ben Folds become Austin Powers?

And here I thought CBS forgot about my vagina

“Give the gift that Santa can’t give, a pap smear.” Fuck, I already mailed my Santa letter! I hope he’ll at least send the condoms that look like candy canes. Those should really be sold year round.

There’s a Jewish one too. “Give the gift that will light up her menorah.” Why do these ads sound so sexual? Like this woman, who is frankly a little too excited about her boyfriend’s prostate exam.

The World according to Americans

In honor of this Thanksgiving weekend:
(Click the picture to make it bigger)

Though THIS does make me feel better about being American: Dogs get Boob Jobs in Bid to find New Owners. And, in case you’re like me, No, they did NOT include any before/after pictures. Or any pictures at all. Effin’ Brits.

your daily cup of what the f*ck

this is what i get for swimming in lake michigan. time for me to clean my penis flippers.

really, who thought this was a good idea? this looks like the mask jeff goldblum wore in The Fly.