Amusing conversation with the manager of my apartment building: Him: Hey…you…I never remember your name…Polly? Me: It’s Anna. Him: Right! And you live with your girlfriend…Polly? Me: No, but just keep guessing that. I’m sure eventually the answer to the question will be Polly. Maybe a fill in the blank: […]

Guessing Games

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and I know this because of the dozens of marketing emails I’ve gotten recently, with long subject headings and lots of punctuation, such as, “Lesbian Authors’ Reveal Sex Secrets to Married Men in New Book Available Today!” and “Exquisite Mouthwatering Food is The Key to […]

"you are SO getting some tonight."

This is a hilariously horrifying video about masturbation. It also seems to imply that this kid is masturbating to his mother at the end. WTF. Just, wow.

creepy sex ed video from the 70s

Finally, nudity AND puns. I don’t know who I feel more sorry for, the chicken or the model who probably had to lick him/her hundreds of times before this photographic gold was captured. This is from the 2010 Pirelli Calendar (whatever that is)

what the what?

Searching for a reading chair on Craigslist has become something of a part-time job for me. Instead of monetary compensation, I am rewarded anew each day with posts like this: Finally, someone else shares the dream of being able to read AND shoot things from the same location! But what […]

The right to bear arms – chair edition

The exercise-by-hand-job trend lives! This time the hilarity comes from Easy Curves, where a woman in a white lab coat tells us how “university research” has proven that you CAN get huge boobs if you’d only stroke this light saber for five minutes a day! The weirdest part of this […]

"Exercise" your way to bigger boobs