“Give the gift that Santa can’t give, a pap smear.” Fuck, I already mailed my Santa letter! I hope he’ll at least send the condoms that look like candy canes. Those should really be sold year round. There’s a Jewish one too. “Give the gift that will light up her […]

And here I thought CBS forgot about my vagina

In honor of this Thanksgiving weekend: (Click the picture to make it bigger) Though THIS does make me feel better about being American: Dogs get Boob Jobs in Bid to find New Owners. And, in case you’re like me, No, they did NOT include any before/after pictures. Or any pictures […]

The World according to Americans

this is what i get for swimming in lake michigan. time for me to clean my penis flippers. really, who thought this was a good idea? this looks like the mask jeff goldblum wore in The Fly.

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