Blah(g) 4

I don’t know quite what to do with this blog. I’ve been writing over here for a while now: Good Migrations but that’s mostly about traveling.

And I am kind of pretty much done traveling for a while. Unless we’re talking about the sisterhood of the traveling pants, in which case, I’ll never be over that.

Also, that pukey green header bar at the top makes me feel all stab-y and I don’t want to ruin our new-to-me furniture. I need guidance. Do I make this into a sexy blog? With maybe some erotica, events, Chicago Now-ish stuff? Do I scrap it and start over? Does anyone even read this anymore? Oh Christ, fine. Here’s some boobs. Plz 2 send guidance now. kthxbai.

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4 thoughts on “Blah(g)

  • erica

    i always like the "humorous account of anna's day" sort of stuff, athematic as it may be…i also like sex. mostly i just need as many blogs as possible with which to occupy myself, because it's cold and dark and i'm unemployed and can't seem to keep my feet warm for shit. so, write whatever you want and i'll like it!

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  • ShanaRose

    I like that this can be a kinda personal, anything goes blog. I like where your anything goes.

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