Bad Carma 7

Yesterday, I was hit by a car while riding my bike to work. While I didn’t break any bones, the left side of my body has been annihilated and I can’t walk. At the hospital, I was offered a cane, but turned it down for a sleeker, sexier walking aid:

I’m too close to this to make much sense of it at the moment, though being immobilized is doing wonders for my tendency to dwell on injustices beyond my control. One thing I am truly grateful for is the fact that I was wearing a helmet, which cracked all the way down to the styrofoam, but left my brain matter intact. Bikers, please please please wear your helmets. It doesn’t matter how safe YOU are being if a driver plows into you.

Part of my rehabilitation includes making pipe cleaners dance. Simply follow the link, choose a song for him to boogie down to (buttons A – F) and then use your keyboard to instigate the moves. I’m partial to “Stayin’ Alive” but you know, whatever your perogative is…

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7 thoughts on “Bad Carma

  • erica

    oh my god. that’s terrifying. get better!
    and i always wear a helmet now.

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  • grace

    Holy crap! I got an email about your accident from someone I didn’t recognize, and thought it was some weird kind of spam so I deleted it. Sorry Anna- at least you have Ellie to take care of you!!

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  • pulley-whipped

    thanks. i went for a walk today! woot. and ellie is waiting on me hand and foot. thank god. 🙂

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  • Jenny

    dear anna,
    because you got hit by a car, i decided to look at your blog. otherwise…
    i am so glad your brain is OK. and i am glad for this angel they call ellie.
    a big g e n t l e hug for you.
    will be checking on my funny injured writer.

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