A Reel Good Time

Another film review posted, this one called When Kiran Met Karen.

When we first meet Kiran, she is pleasantly giving a press conference about her latest movie. Then one reporter asks her about a supposed affair between one of her male co-stars and she flies into a blistering rage, a la Bjork circa 1996. She meets up with her fiancĂ© Dave soon after, does some blow on the foosball table, flies into another rage, which turns into sex and then more puttering. After we watch her wander around the house, put some champagne in the fridge, text Dave to get her more coke, watch TV in two different rooms, and squirm around on a pool table, she finally gets around to calling Karen for an interview, which may in fact be the climax of the film…

Above: Karen and Kiran, praying that no one finds out they made this film.

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